Patch 1.3Edit

General changes

  • Monsters spawning without weapons should have been fixed.
  • Many of the spawns that have been reported as exploitable have been disabled. Keep reporting them.
  • Increased the rates of progression for attributes when actively playing by x8
  • Except wisdom which is only x2.
  • Transfers requirements have been lowered:
  • Stamina to Health at lvl 10.
  • Mana to Stamina at lvl 20.
  • Health to Mana at lvl 30.
  • Stamina cost of jumping reworked to grow over speed linearly rather than exponentially.
  • Stamina cost of jumping is now based on percentage of max stamina to not disadvantage new players.

Quality of life

  • The current weapon is unsheathed when pressing the trigger key.
  • Improved main menu and inclusion of weapons bar and ammo counter bar toggle buttons.
  • The weapons bar may now be toggled even in gui mode.
  • Set default shaders version to PS2_0.
  • Auto optimization is now disabled by default.
  • Mouse smoothing is deactivated by default.

Patch Notes