Patch 1.5Edit

  • Tutorial images have been updated to no longer give the wrong bindings.
  • Players should now be able to use right click to switch from interface to action mode.
  • Daily Quests now have a 22h cooldown instead of a 24h cooldown.
  • The default size of the Attributes is increased by 40% to be larger until someone notices it is resizable.
  • When reverting to a default ability, the hotbar is no longer changed.
  • Melee powers are now compatible with the weapons bar. (Rage)
  • Bound items that are no longer in inventory are now shown with a blood shaded red in the hotbar and weaponsbar to make binds more visible.
  • The tooltips now displays the name and description of items that are no longer in the inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where the hotbar was switched when scrolling over absent items.
  • Fixed a bug where absent items were considered incompatible with dropped items and removed from the weapons bar and hotbar.

Patch Notes