Patch 2.2Edit

Step 3 of performance upgrades:

  • Since our patch earlier this week worked out well, we have extended the use of our framework changes to an increased amount of resources.
  • We expect increased average FPS, around +10% on i5 and i7 and a slightly reduced Loadlag.

Changed skills prerequisites:

  • Mana Conservation 50 Intelligence.
  • It was one of the most tedious grind in the game, and this way it should take a decent amount of time, but through general use of Magic.
The idea here is that trough titles, schools should become a character's identity sooner. Spell Chanting and Whitchcraft will have their own Titles too and be fleshed out more.

To help raise their school more organically, some skills have been lowered:

Basic movement spells have also been made easier to obtain:

To motivate continuing greater magic after unlocking advanced schools and reinforce its use as a all purpose mage utility school:

Smoothed out the non magic abilities unlocks to make leveling more interesting:

Alignment changes

  • Attacking a Mount or Warhulk ridden by a blue racial ally in the last 30 seconds will make you go rogue. (first step before more mounts related changes)
  • Forgiveness requests should now always be asked even in case of instant death or after a loading screen.
  • If a request times out, because of a crash for example, forgiveness is the default value. (presumption of innocence)

Patch Notes