Patch 2.4Edit

Removal of fizzles:

  • Characters can no longer fail spells at random.
  • Individual spells will use their previous fizzle odds to increase cast time and reduce Magnitude to produce the same loss of DPS, without the random aspect.
  • Players with 0 Encumbrance are handled as if they had no odds of fizzles in the old system.
  • When under the effect of the Tongue Rot spell, a spell can soft-fizzle at random, in which case it will cost twice the amount of mana/stamina and will have half the Magnitude of a normal cast.
  • Transfers will keep a flat cost when they soft fizzle.
  • Adept is unchanged, and will act similar to Unburden, but it is scheduled to be changed further down the line.
  • Please note: the system is under tuned to not break Destroyers, but we made the entire system modular so we can tweak it easily. We're expecting a lot of feedback from the players to let us find the proper Encumbrance impact to avoid heavy armored mages becoming the norm.

Removal of all global diplomatic announcement at the exception of:

  • When a Holding gets captured or changes hands, the announcement is still global to allow for bragging rights.
  • Village related global messages.

Bugfixes and tweaks:

  • Siegestones can now be placed at a maximum distance of 1000m, increased from 750m.
  • Monster loot table fixes.
  • Idawoll Blacksmith now has the proper inventory.

Patch Notes