Patch 2.5Edit

Final step of the Patch 2 performances updates.

  • We have finalized the second cycle of performance patches.

First step of the engagement system:

  • You can no longer gain any xp unless engaged in PvE:
  • You get engaged by:
  • damaging or debufing a monster.
  • being damaged or being debuffed by a monster.
  • buffing or healing a player that is engaged.

Quality of life:

  • Removed launch's reagent cost and added it to the default hotbar for new characters.
  • Added chat options to change the global font and its size.
  • Auto forgive kills and ganks for clans and party.

Linked Spells

  • When reaching the unlock level for a magic school subskill, it is automatically learned.
  • Spells that do not have any organic ways of leveling in PvE will now be linked to the school skill level, or the subskill that was unlocked right before it.
  • If you already had the spell elveled, it will keep its level until the skill it is linked to catches up.
  • Existing skill manuals will still provide levels to the individual spells, but they won't level more until the skill they are linked to catches up.
  • Spells give extra XP to the subskill they are linked to, in order to have a direct impact on their own progression.
  • For the levels to update, you need to cast a spell of that school in PvE at least once.
  • This patch changed all of the seldom used skills like buffs and heals to instead of have their own progression, be linked to the progression of the sub- skill of the school that the spell is part of.

Linked spellsEdit

For the full list of linked spells see: List of linked spells

Patch Notes