Patch 3.0.1Edit

  • Village control point in lawless areas should now leave all players as rogue when exiting the contested zone.
  • Looting from a grave and dropping on top of a bag should no longer leave ghost copies of items on the screen.

The selection system is now based on modifier keys and has a few more features:

  • alt + left click + drag: Creates a new selection box and clears every previous selection.
  • shift + left click + drag: Creates a selection box and adds the items to previous selections, creates a new one otherwise.
  • ctrl + left click + drag: Creates a selection box and toggles item's selection state within it.
  • shift + left click: Selects or add individual item to existing selection.
  • ctrl + left click: Toggle individual item selection.
  • left click on inventory without a modifier key pressed clears the selection.**any miss click with a modifier key pressed will not clear the selection.

Patch Notes