Patch 3.1Edit

This patch we are delving deeper in the way experience is gained:

  • Random variation in xp gains has been removed.
  • We discovered and removed a system that reduced xp gains based on how many skills a character had learned. (regardless of level or type)

We implemented our two first xp modifiers:

  • Active abilities now provide up to 50% additional xp based on the magnitude of their effect.
  • Monster tiers, determined for now by max hp, provide up to a 50% multiplicative modifier on top of the above bonus.

Expansion of the selection system:

  • The selection system now also applies to graves and other lootable inventories.
  • Items when looted in a grave now take a short duration to loot.
  • The timer to loot an item is made longer based on total weight.

Improvements on text system drain

  • We have made a first round of refactor for the user interface framework and how it displays text.Text still is a resource drain, but should be less than before, these are the results in our testing:
Without text Before with text After with text
34 32 32
70 56 70
110 64 80
250 70 110
500 90 150

Patch Notes