Patch 3.2Edit

This is an intermediary patch while large features are being implemented, with features we've been working on in parallel for a while now. One thing we're particularly happy with are the physics engine modifications, as the investigation necessary to implement them has unlocked the knowledge for many of our planned features. We're also glad we can turn our attention to melee and archery a bit, especially on the quality of life front. And of course, there are incremental improvement to the interface.

Interface framework expansion:

  • There is now an item comparison system.
  • The first use is to compare equipped armors or weapons with other items.

Physics engine refactor:

  • Begone and come hither now work in all directions.
  • Arrows now properly knockback players.

Melee and archery improvements:

  • Keeping your mouse held down will auto attack melee weapons.
  • Individual melee abilities now give xp to their weapon's skill and mastery.
  • Seize, knockback and disabling blow are now linked to the melee base skill.
  • Disabling shot is now linked to the archery skill.
  • Disabling shot will now auto-swap if you use any disabling blows with a bow equipped. And vice versa.


  • Safes and guest room furniture are now craftable in construction.
  • House vendors can now be purchased from councillors in capital cities.

Bug fixes and tweaks:

  • Confirmation window bugfixes. No more doubting your clan mates when they swear they clicked forgive.
  • ctrl or shift are no longer registered when in interface mode. No more crouch dancing at the bank.
  • Some buffs, like lend mana, still worked on monsters to gain xp. We should now have fixed them all.
  • Weight and transfer times of selection are now visible and accurate.

Patch Notes