Patch 3.7: Today we have activated Stress Test #2:

  • From now on, anyone that has bought the game will get access to the InDev server until Live launch.
  • Until the 29th of November, the InDev server is open to all, with non-customer having trial account limitations.
  • The main limitation is that, aside from skinning graves, any form of harvesting cannot be done on a trial character to avoid flooding the economy.
  • Harvesting quests in the starting tutorial are no longer blocking for quest chain advancement.
  • Players from Stress Test #1 will have their characters restored when loging in the first time. It may take a minute or two so just restart the lobby if you do not see your old character.
  • The purpose of Stress Test #2 is to experiment with the Spawn Scaling feature and to try and break it. Go get them monsters!

Power Hour:

  • We have added a new skill that you can find in General Skills.
  • The power hour skill will double all xp gained both in PvE and crafting for 1 hour.
  • Power hour can be triggered once every 22h.
  • The hour will stop counting down if you log off and will resume on loging on.

Weapons bar responsiveness tweaks:

  • With our latest patch we received a lot of feedback on small delays spread around the WB and its usage, this is a first wave of optimization.
  • Hotbar switching with weapons bar no longer is sequential, it will go straight to the desired hotbar without any delay.
  • When a weapons bar is bound on a skill, it will no longer trigger a hotbar swap and it will remain on the curent hotbar.
  • Reholding a spell or skill now works for disabling shot.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with spawn scaling where the previous group level was taken into account with the generation of the loot for the next group.
  • Bugs where zoom level was retained in certain situations have been fixed.
  • Hotbar items and cooldowns should now properly displaying.

Patch Notes