• We have enabled the full map marker feature. CPU and ram usage were within expectation on the server* side, and no issues were reported for the client-side.
  • The search box will no longer take the focus in interface mode, and can be accessed with ctrl + f.

Multi-slots now have three mutually exclusive modes:

  • Cycle mode (by default): You will be able to cycle through skills and the multi-slot will reset on cast. Any auto cast abilities will need to be quick tapped to be skipped.
  • Multi-tap mode: This mode will always reset after selection of a skill so that it is purely stateless.
  • Combo-mode: Will keep its position in the multi-slot after cast, to do a rotation. Auto cast abilities will not have any delay but cannot be skipped.
  • We fixed a bug that added delay before selecting skills or swapping weapons.
  • Melee abilities now properly revert to melee default attack.
  • We have a "shot in the dark" fix for the interface locking bug.

Patch Notes