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Icon Name Skill Materials Effect
Major Healing Potion Major Healing Potion 1

Empty Bottle1Gold10Blood1Heart2

Restores 50 Health over 10 seconds
Major Mana Potion Major Mana Potion 1

Empty Bottle1Gold10Blood1Quintessence2

Restores 50 Mana over 10 seconds
Major Stamina Potion Major Mana Potion 1

Empty Bottle1Gold10Blood1Tooth2

Restores 50 Stamina over 10 seconds
Remedy Potion Remedy Potion 25

Empty Bottle1Gold10Blood2Quintessence2

Potion that cures any ongoing Holy, Unholy or Arcane damage, and grants 25 Health and Mana over 10 seconds.
Potion of Rejuvenation Potion of Rejuvenation 25

Empty Bottle1Gold10Blood2Venom Sac2

Removes physical inflections like bleeding and poison damage, or health and stamina penalties and grants 50 Stamina over 10 seconds.
First Aid Potion First Aid Potion 50

Empty Bottle1Gold15Blood1Bone2

Heals any ongoing elemental damage, and grants 50 Health over 10 seconds.
Suppress Weakness Potion Suppress Weakness Potion 50

Empty Bottle1Gold15Blood1Bile5

Removes any Protection penalties.
Clean Slate Potion Clean Slate Potion 75

Empty Bottle1Gold25Blood1Shadowcrest5

Removes any penalties to the character's Base Attributes, and restores 25 of Health and Stamina over 10 seconds.
Clear Mind Potion Clear Mind Potion 75

Empty Bottle1Gold25Blood3Greenleaf2

Removes any effects that empedes that character's magic abilites and grants 50 Mana over 10 seconds.

Sithra BladesEdit

Crafting the Blades require 100 Alchemy

Icon Name Materials
Acid Blade Acid Blade

Gold1000Leenspar Ingot1 Radiant Quartz2

Fire Blade Fire Blade

Gold1000Leenspar Ingot1 Eldritch Cinder2

Holy Blade Holy Blade

Gold1000Theyril Ingot1 25px2

Ice Blade Ice Blade

Gold1000Leenspar Ingot1 Nifl Frost2

Lightning Blade Lightning Blade

Gold1000Leenspar Ingot1 Vortex Rune2

Poison Blade Poison Blade

Gold1000Leenspar Ingot1 25px2

Unholy Blade Unholy Blade

Gold1000Theyril Ingot1 Deathless Shadowcrest2


Icon Name Skill Materials Description
Black Powder Black Powder 25 Gold5Stone8Sulfur2 A highly flammable substance used when firing Cannons.
Shock Charge Shock Charge 25 Iron Ingot2Black Powder10 Ammunition for Shock Charger of Ships
Runestone Runestone 1 Gold500Portal Shard4 Double-click to create a Teleport Stone linked to your current location.


Light Battlespikes have the lowest DPS but the highest damage per kg. It takes about 100 Light Battlespikes to capture a Village.
Normal Battlespikes have a bit higher DPS then light, but less then heavy, they are average damage per kg. It takes about ??? Battlespikes to capture a Village.
Heavy Battlespikes have the highest DPS, but also the lowest damage per kg. It takes about ??? Heavy Battlespikes to capture a Village.
Weight is relevant since you need many with you to get capture Villages, destroy Walls and Buildings or Siege Stones.

Icon Name Skill Materials Weight Damage
Light Battlespike Light Battlespike 25 Sparkstone1Iron Ingot1 0.5 kg 15
BattleSpike Medium Battlespike 50 Sparkstone1Iron Ingot2 1.0 kg
Heavy Battlespike Heavy Battlespike 75 Sparkstone2Iron Ingot2 2.0 kg

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