The Arcanist can be found in all cities and most towns and is responsible for teaching Gathering masteries, enchanting, shadescraft, alchemy, herbalism, taming and selling spell regents.


Template:InTableTitleMagic Skills
Icon Skill Requirements Cost Description
Crafting skill
Jewelsmithing Jewelsmithing None 100Gold Allows you to craft Rings, Necklaces and one part of Sithras.
Herbalism Herbalism None 400Gold Allows you to create minor Potions.
Alchemy Alchemy None 500Gold Used to make Potions, Staffs and Battlespikes.
Tailoring Tailoring None 500Gold Allows you to craft Clothing and non-metal Armor.
Taming Taming None 500 Gold Allows you to craft Mounts
Enchanting Enchanting None 1000Gold Allows you to enchant Melee Weapons , Staffs, Bows, Rings, Necklaces and Armor
Fishing Mastery Fishing Mastery 75 Fishing 200Gold Gives you a higher success rate and reduced fishing time when Fishing
Herb Gathering Mastery Herb Gaterhing Mastery 75 Herb Gathering 200Gold Gives you a higher success rate and reduced gather time when Gathering Herbs
Shadecraft Shadecraft 50 Wisdom
1 Tailoring
1000Gold Allows you to craft apparel with bonus to Mana, but a penalty to Health.
Reagent Conservation Reagent Conservation 75 Greater Magic
75 Intelligence
1000Gold Gives you a slight chance to spending one less Reagent then usual when casting spells.
Teleport Anchor Teleport Anchor 75Lesser Magic
50 Greater Magic
5000Gold Allows the use of Runestones

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