Refers to the making of metal armour. The skill costs 500Gold and have no prerequisites. There are four types of Armor that can be made with Armoursmithing; Chain Armor, Banded Armor, Scale Armor and Plate Armor and an additional three; Fullplate Armor, Infernal Armor and Dragon Armor with the Mastery. In addition to armor, Shields Can also be made using Armorsmithing.


Icon Skill Requirements Cost
Armorsmithing Armorsmithing Armorsmithing None 500 Gold
Armorsmithing Mastery Armorsmithing Mastery Armorsmithing Mastery 100 Armorsmithing 10000Gold
Trueforge Armor Trueforge Armor Trueforge Armor 40 Wisdom 250 Gold
Bloodcraft Bloodcraft Bloodcraft 1 Armorsmithing
50 Wisdom
1000 Gold


Icon Armor Skill
Chain Haubrek Human Chain Haubrek Human Chain Armor 1
Banded Cuirass Human Banded Cuirass Human Banded Armor 25
Scale Cuirass Human Scale Cuirass Human Scale Armor 50
Plate Cuirass Human Plate Cuirass Human Plate Armor 75

Armorsmithing MasteryEdit

Icon Armor Skill
Full Plate Cuirass Human Full Plate Cuirass Human Fullplate Armor 1
Infernal Cuirass Human Infernal Cuirass Human Infernal Armor 50
Dragon Cuirass Human Dragon Cuirass Human Dragon Armor 100


For list of shields see Shields

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