Earth Magic is one of the four elemental schools, the other being; Fire Magic, Air Magic and Water Magic. All requiring 50 Lesser Magic and 50 Greater Magic.


Cost refers to the price to learn the spell from the Mage NPC, it's a one time fee.

Icon Spell Level Regents Description
Acid Arrow Acid Arrow 1


Launches a Missile that explodes upon impact causing Acid damage
Tarnish Tarnish 10


Launches a Missile inflicting a penalty to its target's Acid protection.
Acid Shield Acid Shield 20


Toggle to give the caster increased Acid protection.
Impale Impale 30


Fires a magical Ray which causes Acid spikes to pierce it's target.
Acid Ward Acid Ward 45


Casts a Ray at a target to grant protection against Acid
Corrosive Blast Corrosive Blast 50


Launches a Missile that explodes upon impact causing Acid damage
Stoneskin Stoneskin 50


Toggle to give the caster increased protection against weapon attacks.
Stamina Leech Stamina Leech 60


Fires a magical Ray to that drains the target's Stamina, transferring it to the caster.
Pungent Mist Pungent Mist 70


Shoots a cloud of corrosive vapor at your target.
Acid Rain Acid Rain 75


A magical Ray which summons an Acid rainstorm in an AoE upon hitting a target.
Ironskin Ironskin 80


A magical Ray which increases its targets protection against weapon attacks.
Disintegrate Disintegrate 90


Launches a Missile that explodes upon impact causing Acid damage

Signature SpellsEdit

Icon Spell Title Regents Description
Metor Strike Metor Strike 5


Summons a rain of meteors to bombard your foes.
Earthquake Earthquake 25


Press and hold action button to call forth an earthquake causing Arcane damage to everybody close by, including the caster.


Once you hit the appropriate level in Earth Magic you will receive the corresponding sub-skill automatically.

Icon Skill Level Effect
Durable Spells Earth Magic Durable Spells Earth Magic 25 Increases the duration of Earth Magic spells.
Mana Efficiency Earth Magic Mana Efficiency Earth Magic 50 Decreases the Mana spent to cast Earth Magic spells.
Quicken Spells Earth Magic Quicken Spells Earth Magic 75 Decreases the casting time of Earth Magic spells.
Intensify Spells Earth Magic Intensify Spells Earth Magic 100 Increases the magnitude of Earth Magic spells.

Linked SpellsEdit

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