Every enchant requires 5 of three different Enchanting Materials and one Catalyst.
There are two diffrent kinds of Enchants one is Transmutation and the other Enchants.
Transmutation will change your weapon into one with an Elemental damage component to it and Enchants which will improve an existing piece of gear

You need to have the following skill levels to use different qualities in your transmutes and enchants.

  • Skill 1 for Q1
  • Skill 25 for Q2
  • Skill 50 for Q3
  • Skill 75 for Q4
  • Skill 100 for Q5

Short Tutorial Video

Darkfall New Dawn - Enchanting Tutorial

Darkfall New Dawn - Enchanting Tutorial

Transmutation Edit

Transmutation changes a weapon into one with an Elemental damage attached to it. This is true for all transmutes expect for staffs which will give you a boost in the Magic school you choose to transmute it into.

The strength of the transmuted weapon depends on the following:

Enchantments Edit

Enchanting is the act of improving a piece of gear.

Enchanting MaterialsEdit

For list of materials see Enchanting Materials.

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