Using any of the other schools spells, except for Lesser Magic will give a slight increase in Greater Magic.

25 Greater Magic is required for the spell schools Spell Chanting and Witchcraft.

50 Greater Magic is the requirement for the schools; Air Magic, Earth Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Arcane Magic and Necromancy


Once you hit the appropriate level in Greater Magic you will receive the corresponding sub-skill automatically.

Icon Skill Level Effect
File:Durable Spells Greater Magic.png Durable Spells Greater Magic 25 Increases the duration of Greater Magic spells.
File:Mana Efficiency Greater Magic.png Mana Efficiency Greater Magic 50 Decreases the Mana spent to cast Greater Magic spells.
File:Quicken Spells Greater Magic.png Quicken Spells Greater Magic 75 Decreases the casting time of Greater Magic spells.
File:Intensify Spells Greater Magic.png Intensify Spells Greater Magic 100 Increases the magnitude of Greater Magic spells.


Cost refers to the price to learn the spell from the Mage NPC, it's a one time fee.

Icon Spell Level Regents Description
Heal Other Heal Other 1


Fires a healing Ray that will recover some of its target's Health.
Rend Rend 1


Fires a Missile that explodes upon impact causing Bleeding damage, as well as granting a Piercing Protection penalty.
Beacon Beacon 1


Fires a magical Ray that creates a visual marker on its target.
Telekinesis Telekinesis 1


Creates a column of telekinetic force that levitates anyone within reach.
Frailty Frailty 10


Fires a missile inflicting a penalty to its target's resistance against damage.
Begone Begone 15


Fires a telekinetic Missile that pushes opponents away from the caster as well as dealing Arcane damage.
Infliction Shield Infliction Shield 20


Toggle. Increases the caster's Infliction protection, reducing the effects of Bleeding, Poison and Health or Stamina drain.
Unburden Unburden 25


Reduces the caster's Encumbrance.
Flesh Curse Flesh Curse 30


Launches a Missile reducing the target's Infliction protection.
Infliction Ward Infliction Ward 40


Aim at a target to increase its Infliction protection.
Venom Venom 50


Fires a Missile inflicting Poison damage on it's target and lowering maximum Health.
Confusion Confusion 60


Fires a Missile that explodes in a bright flash temporary blinding onlookers.
Shrapnel Shrapnel 70


Launches a Projectile that explodes upon impact causing Arcane damage.
Hasten Spells Hasten Spells 80


Toggle. Reduces the cast time and increases the Mana cost of all spells.
Missile Fury Missile Fury 90


Launches a Missile that explodes upon impact causing Arcane Damage.

Linked SpellsEdit

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Patch 2.2
Telekinesis moved from 50 to 1 Greater Magic.
Heal Other moved from 15 to 1 Greater Magic.
Begone moved from 80 to 15 Greater Magic.
Hasten Spells moved from 1 Arcane Magic to 80 Greater Magic.
Venom moved from 60 to 50 Greater Magic.
Confusion moved from 100 to 80 Greater Magic.
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