There are plenty of different magic skills. All of them can be purchased from the Mage NPC in most cities and towns. The primary attribute for Magic is Intelligence which gives you both mana and spell Magnitude

To cast any spell you need a Staff equiped.

Spell SchoolsEdit

Icon Name
Regeneration Magic Regeneration Magic
Raw Magic Raw Magic
Infliction Magic Infliction Magic
Spell Chanting Spell Chanting
Witchcraft Witchcraft
Earth Magic Earth Magic
Air Magic Air Magic
Fire Magic Fire Magic
Water Magic Water Magic
Necromancy Necromancy
Arcane Magic Arcane Magic


Nearly all spells requires one or more reagent to cast. There are 6 different regents which can be purchased from the Mage, Arcanist for 6Gold or players. Other methods for getting them is Gathering or looting them from Monster.

Icon Name Source
Ash Ash Monster
Mandrake Mandrake Herb Gathering
Nacre Nacre Fishing
Resin Resin Logging
Sulfur Sulfur Mining
Bone Bone Skinning

School SkillsEdit

Each magic school has four skills which only applies to that school so for example if you want your Fire Magic skills to last longer you need Fire Magic's Durable Spells.

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Universal SkillsEdit

There are four skills that applies to all spells schools.Their effects will stack with the skills of each individual school.

Icon Name Requirements Cost Description
Veteran Mage Veteran Mage 75 Greater Magic 500Gold Reduces the Stamina cost of all your spells
Mana Conservation Mana Conservation 50 Intelligence 500Gold Reduces the Mana cost of all your spells.
Archmage Archmage 75 Intelligence 500Gold Increases the effect of most spells from all schools.
Reagent Conservation Reagent Conservation 75 Greater Magic
75 Intelligence
1000Gold Gives you a slight chance to spending one less reagent then usual when casting spells.


Encumbrance weighs you down and will makes your spelllonger to cast and a lowers the Magnitude.


For the list of the weapon Staff which is needed for all spellcasting see Staffs.

Magic Schools
Regeneration MagicRaw MagicInfliction MagicAir MagicEarth MagicFire MagicWater MagicSpell ChantingArcane MagicWitchcraftNecromancy
Magic skills
Durable SpellsMana EfficiencyQuicken SpellsIntensify Spells
Magic Global Skills
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