Mastery refers to the upgraded version of a crafting, gathering or weapon skill. There's a mastery skill for all melee weapons and the bow which unlocks at level 75 skill for each weapon.

There's also mastery for gathering and crafting skills. The gathering skills requires 75 skill to unlock the mastery and it is simply an enhancement to the skill which makes your success rate higher and reduces the harvest time.

The crafting skills on the other hand unlocks at 100 skill and gives you the ability to make high ranking armour and weapons.

Weapon MasteryEdit

Icon Skill Level cost
File:Axe Mastery.png Axe Mastery 75 1000 Gold
File:Two-handed Axe Mastery.png Two-handed Axe Mastery 75 1000 Gold
File:Sword Mastery.png Sword Mastery 75 1000 Gold
File:Two-handed Sword Mastery.png Two-Handed Sword Mastery 75 1000Gold
File:Dagger Mastery.png Dagger Mastery 75 1000Gold
File:Polearm Mastery.png Polearm Mastery 75 1000 Gold
File:Bow Mastery.png Bow Mastery 75 1000 Gold
File:Sithra Mastery.png Sithra Mastery 75 ??? Gold

Gathering MasteryEdit

Icon Skill Level cost
File:Logging Mastery Logging Mastery 75 200 Gold
File:Mining Mastery Mining Mastery 75 200 Gold
File:HerbGathering Mastery Herb Gathering Mastery 75 200 Gold
File:Fishing Mastery Fishing Mastery 75 200 Gold
File:Skinning Mastery Skinning Mastery 75 200 Gold

Crafting MasteryEdit

Icon Skill Level cost
Weaponsmithing Mastery Weaponsmithing Mastery 100 10000Gold
Armorsmithing Mastery Armorsmithing Mastery 100 10000Gold
Bowyer Mastery Bowyer Mastery 100 10000Gold

There will most likely be more masteries. Alchemy and tailoring have been requested and the developers have said htey want to do it, but nothing is for certain.