Mining is the Gathinerg skill used to extract Stone from Stone Nodes and Iron Ore from Metal Nodes. Metal and rock nodes give about 75% Stone or Iron Ore and 25% Sulfur as well as a chance to get Gems. And from the metal nodes you also have a chance on the Rare Ores; Selentine, Veilron, Neithal, Leenspar and Theyril Ore.
Iron Ore and the Rare Ores needs to be refined using Smelting before they can be used in Crafting.

The success chance when mining is based on your skill in Mining and Mining Mastery as well as you Wisdom.
Mining and Mining Mastery will reduce the time it takes to mine.
Increased skill and mastery gives reduces the time it takes to mine, at 1 skill your mining time is 10 seconds, and at 100 mastery it's 8 seconds. Increasing your mining speed by 25%.
Mining any node will increase the Attributes Strength, Vitality and Wisdom.


Icon Name Skill Cost
Mining Mining Baseline
Mining Mastery Mining Mastery 75 200Gold


Icon Name
Pickaxe Pickaxe


Metal Node:
Icon Name
Iron Ore Iron Ore
Sulfur Sulfur
Metal Node:
Icon Name
Selentine Ore Selentine Ore
Leenspar Ore Leenspar Ore
Neithal Ore Neithal Ore
Veilron Ore Veilron Ore
Theyril Ore Theyril Ore
Rock Node:
Stone Stone
Sulfur Sulfur

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