Racial Weapons are the most powerful and most exepensive weapons in the game. All but Sunbow require 100 Weaponsmithing Mastery to craft. And to craft Sunbow you need 100 Bowyer Mastery instead.
Even tough only the race can craft it's Racial Weapon, once it's crafted anyone can wield it.

Icon Name Crafted by Skill Materials Rank Speed Damage
Ilshard Ilshard Ilshard Alfar 100

Gold10000Iron Ingot22Neithal Ingot10 25px5

80 0.2 0.91
Ildhammer Ildhammer Ildhammer Dwarves 100

Gold10000Iron Ingot20Leenspar Ingot11 25px3Eldritch Cinder3

80 0.3 0.83
Aldaruk Aldaruk Aldaruk Orks 100

Gold10000Iron Ingot20Veilron Ingot11 25px3Radiant Quartz3

80 0.3 1.02
Lightbringer Lightbringer Lightbringer Mercian 100

Gold10000Iron Ingot18Wood2Selentine Ingot14 25px3

80 0.4 0.92
Ghost Claw Ghost Claw Ghost Claw Mahirim 100

Gold5000Iron Ingot10WoodTheyril Ingot6 25px3Death Fang3

80 0.6 0.60
Sunbow Sunbow Sunbow Mirdain 100

Gold10000Wood30Leather10Theyril Ingot10 25px3

80 0.7 0.88

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